George Bowering

ISBN 13: 978-1-894469-55-5

$19.95 CAN/US
168 pp

How I Wrote Certain of My Books takes its name from a volume of the same title by French Surrealist Raymond Roussel. George Bowering borrows Roussel’s conceit and expands it into a non-chronological memoir—a colourful, illuminating, occasionally scandalous journey through the writing of nearly 30 of his books. This lively, conversational work, taking us into both the methods and the circumstances behind some of Bowering’s most famous and most notorious works of poetry and fiction, is as exciting as a novel. How I Wrote Certain of My Books will appeal to Bowering fans, CanLit scholars, and those learning how to be poets and novelists themselves.

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  1. Judith Fitzgerald August 17, 2012 at 6:02 pm #

    Another pleasure-trove of treasure-love from one of the top five poets on the planet. Dr. Bowering’s micro / macro / magnifico control and consummate contextual content in all his works leaves this unconditionally Boweringist Believer damned-near speechless . . .

    However, not quite speechless enough to aver I worship the page upon which he writes (whether poetry, prose, biography, lyric, epic, narrative, auto-bio, creative non-fiction, et so forthia . . .).

    What a marvellous talent, larger than all our hearts, more heartfelt than all our souls, so abso-deffo above and beyond the art at the bull’s-eye dart of perfekktion, the work never fails to bring me to my TKO’ed knees.

    Praise the word under the hand of one of our very own maestrae :). YaY, BiG, YaY, Canada for keeping him close to all of us. YaY, Stuart, especially, for the exquisitely excellent making and ground-breaking of yet another Bowering beaut!!1!

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