F ormed in 1999, Mansfield Press made its debut into the publishing world in May 2000 with four books of poetry by accomplished writers Diana Fitzgerald Bryden, Margaret Christakos, Corrado Paina and Ann Shin.

Publisher and editor Denis De Klerck established Mansfield during a time when many multinational publishing companies were clustering together and getting bigger-making the hands-on, independent publishing that fosters so much new and important writing, harder and harder to find. Since then Mansfield Press has become one of the best places to find groundbreaking and challenging work. With a strong focus on poetry, Mansfield Press is dedicated to nurturing a new generation of writers and introducing them to the world.

Located in the heart of Toronto’s Little Italy, with strong local community ties, Mansfield Press helps foster the important exchange between writers and readers, whether they meet in person, or on the page.


Stuart Ross acquired and edited books for Mansfield Press from 2007 to 2016. Through his imprint, “a stuart ross book,” he brought nearly 50 exciting and unusual titles to the press.