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Meaghan Strimas at WOTS today



If you’re in Toronto today and going to Word on the Street, don’t miss Meaghan Strimas reading from her new, Trillium Award winning book Yes or Nope. She’ll be at the “Vibrant Voices of Ontario” tent at 2:35 along with fellow Trillium winner Melanie Mah.

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Stephen Brockwell gets a closer look.

It’s so hard these days to get reviews for poetry but Prairie Fire is still fighting the good fight with a thoughtful review of Stephen Brockwell’s All of Us Reticent, Here, Together. Critic James Gifford concludes “This is a collection to read in a single sitting.” He’s right about that and we’ll just add that this collection is worth rereading on more than one ‘single sitting.’ You can find Gifford right here.

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Glutton for Punishment gets its first review

And it’s not from the usual literary tastemakers we might expect to review poetry. Laura Wiebe is the managing editor of and co-host of weekly metal show Kill Eat Exploit the Weak on CFMU 93.3 FM. Her take on Glutton for Punishment: Highly Recommended.

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A Trillium Award for Meaghan Strimas

The Trillium Awards put on a great show every year with one night of readings and one night devoted to the awards. Bathing in the afterglow of the win are Mansfield publisher Denis De Klerck, Meaghan Strimas, and Stuart Ross, who edited Meaghan’s wonderful book Yes or Nope. Congratulations to Meaghan (and to Stuart) for handing in such a fine book.

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Meaghan Strimas at the Trillium Awards

We won’t know until Tuesday who wins this year’s Trillium Award for poetry, and we really hope it is Meaghan, but all the writers offer something unique. On Monday the 19th you can hear them all at the author readings. It should be great fun. You can find the invite info right here. You should come!

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