M ansfield Press publishes exciting, challenging and adventurous poetry, fiction and literary non-fiction by Canadian writers at all stages of their careers. That’s Canadian writers and only Canadian writers. We receive weekly international submissions but we just can’t help you. Sorry. Save your postage and best of luck in placing your manuscript elsewhere.

For Canadians submitting poetry, send the full manuscript. For prose, send a couple of chapters along with an outline of the entire book. In your cover letter, please indicate why you believe your book belongs with Mansfield Press — reference other Mansfield titles in your explanation. It is also helpful if you tell us the ways in which you can help us promote and sell your book.

Due to the volume of submissions and our workload during publishing seasons, it can take us up to six months, or occasionally longer, to respond. Because of this, we accept multiple submissions. Please indicate if you have sent your manuscript anywhere else, and be patient—you will have your answer eventually.

It is unlikely that Mansfield will publish a first book by someone with no publishing history. Publishing in magazines and literary journals is an indication that the writer is serious and has experience with the editorial process. Please include a list of publication credits with your submission.
You may submit your work via mail or email.

By mail:
Include a self-addressed, stamped envelope. If you want the manuscript back, please include sufficient postage. If you wish us to recycle the MS, please include only a stamped, letter-size envelope for the response. Do not send the only copy of your work; we cannot assume responsibility for its return. Address your submission to:

Mansfield Press
25 Mansfield Avenue
Toronto, ON
M6J 2A9.

By email:
Address submissions to denis@mansfieldpress.net. Send the manuscript as a PDF file, and again, include a cover letter and publication history. Sending an electronic version of the manuscript makes it easier for us to circulate the book between editors.

Thank you for considering Mansfield Press.