Julie Hartley

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In her debut poetry collection, Julie Hartley has captured the lived experience of a life in motion–a travelogue that moves in rhythmic language from a childhood in England through restless travels around the globe. Hartley is a poet who can say, “You’ll never know if there are others / picking your route through this dark.” Whether that route moves, like hers, through Greece, Peru, or China, or navigates the experience of motherhood and cultural differences, Deboning the Dragon attests to the probability that shared experience can provide a bridge to span otherness. Hartley is a passionate observer, leaving her own signposts along the way.


Julie Hartley has an MFA in Creative Writing from the University of British Columbia. Her novel for young adults, The Finding Place, was published in 2015 by Red Deer Press. Julie runs her own writing school in Toronto, hosts international creative writing retreats, and co-directs Centauri Summer Arts Camp, which brings together Canadian arts professionals and young people from all over the world. Originally from Lincolnshire, England, Julie lives in Toronto with her husband and daughter.

Visit www.juliehartley.ca.

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