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The Loudest Thing

Joshua Levy ISBN 9781771262361 $17.00 CDN/USA 80 pages   The Loudest Thing is a love letter to family and the complex history of blood, to failed relationships and the magic left behind, to the dance of a happy marriage across decades, to friendship, travel, coming home. Funny, honest, and seductive—Joshua Levy finds the silver lining […]

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Deboning a Dragon

Julie Hartley 9781771262323 $17.00 CDN/USA In her debut poetry collection, Julie Hartley has captured the lived experience of a life in motion–a travelogue that moves in rhythmic language from a childhood in England through restless travels around the globe. Hartley is a poet who can say, “You’ll never know if there are others / picking your route […]

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Two Poems: A Peter Norman Preview

Recursion I fall awake alone. Outside, nocturnal rain ascends. Alarms rage, summoning a thief who hurries to the store, unpacks his duffel sack, replaces items on the shelf. Morning. The plane dispenses you. We enfold each other, celebrating your undeparture. Tears scroll up our cheeks, nestle into ducts. Last night we wake sweat-soaked and sated, […]

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Robert Earl Stewart’s “Near Muted Swans”

Near Muted Swans A likeness like an electrocardiogram fire bleeding a blood orange running into what can only be called corpse paint grey, then rust wet waterline. I’m playing this game with the top of the food chain in the boats docked along the canal, with a long way to go through a Confederate town […]

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