Glen Downie

ISBN: 9781771262521
$17.00 CDN/USA 98 Pages

You can understand this
by breathing on a mirror.

What are these writings? Aphorisms? Cryptic telegrams? The sound of one hand clapping? Perhaps all the above. In Each Blossom Makes Horses Tremble, his second collection working with the given, Glen Downie presents fractured versions of success in human culture and the natural world, once again honing the earnest prose of others into surreal and gnomic poetry uniquely his own.

Advice about the Book

Write the book; choose the best ending. Do not write the book when riding in traffic. Do not write the book made of hard dead skin. Write the book in a very old language. Missing words write the book. You should read this book in all directions. The book passes into the stream. Love your book like a long boot.

Praise for Glen Downie’s Monkey Soap

“… reveals important questions and answers that move from the quotidian
toward the existential.” – Canadian Literature

“… sculpts found text into … a number of complex possible meanings … At his best, Downie thrills with unexpected turns. – Winnipeg Free Press

“… always simultaneously surprising and engaging.” – Tom Wayman

Glen Downie worked in cancer care in Vancouver for many years, and now lives in Toronto (and at He served a term as Writer-in-Residence at Dalhousie University’s Medical
Humanities Program, and won the Toronto Book Award for his 2007 Loyalty Management. He has letterpress-printed signed broadsides by Canadian and American poets (available through His most recent collection is Democratic Beauties, published by Tightrope Books.

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