Corrado Paina

ISBN 9781771262774

$20.00 CDN/USA 140 pages

Changing Residence documents the conflicts and resolutions of a restless writer who has spent a lifetime traveling the world to document what he finds there. Raised in Italy, with its old-world perspective, and settled in Canada amid the babel of its grand multicultural experiment, Paina’s poetry, over the course of many books, has been an evolutionary and revolutionary response to the accident of birth that separates humans from each other and the cultural bonds we forge to bridge that separation. Michael Redhill has called Paina’s work “a celebration of homelands old and new,” but it is also a passionate, sometimes angry, social critique of the very concept of a ‘homeland.’ Changing Residence gathers in one place, the trajectory of an artist who has remained curious, committed, and engaged with whatever ‘home’ he happens to land in.

Corrado Paina lives and writes in Toronto. He serves as the Executive Director of the Italian Chamber of Commerce of Ontario. He was the editor of College Street—Little Italy, Toronto’s Renaissance Strip, a finalist for the Toronto Heritage Award and his poetry and fiction has been widely published in Canada and Italy.

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