Chantel Lavoie

ISBN 9781771262446
$17.00 CDN/USA 100 pages

This Is About Angels, Women, and Men separates women and men from the angels, even as it suggests they are one and the same. In sections titled Brothers, Sisters, Consorts, Offspring, and Refuse, Chantel Lavoie intimates that the familial can be more foreign than familiar. These relationships, rooted in blood and bone and the longing for God, split our lives apart. They break us and at the same time they make us whole. The crown of sonnets – “The Waste Poems” – addresses uncomfortable truths about our shared humanity and what happens when we deny that common ground.“Chantel Lavoie’s poems sideswipe us with their startling revelations, their wisdom and candour. This rich, restless collection ranges from contemplating the essential isolation of the human condition – “our loneliness/complete, and wet./The very stars, like ours/are dry explosions” – to redemption through art: “all the poets come to rescue me.” Unflinching, crafted – a dynamite collection.”Jeanette Lynes, author of Bedlam Cowslip: The John Clare Poems

“These poems are imbued with a masterful singularity of voice and purpose that is the true keynote of Chantel Lavoie’s verse. They authenticate the enterprise of poetry itself as an indispensable discourse in which art both ingathers and transcends experience. It is hard to resist comparing Lavoie to Plath and Carson: the magnificent crown of sonnets imperturbably justifies such an accolade.”

Harry White, author of The Kenmare Occurrences

Originally from Saskatchewan, Chantel Lavoie lives in Kingston, Ontario, where she is associate professor in the Department of English, Culture, and Communication at the Royal Military College of Canada. She teaches eighteenth-century literature, children’s literature, and creative writing. This is her second book of poetry.

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