Nathaniel G. Moore

ISBN 9781771262781

$18.00 CDN/USA  70 pages

Constrictor piles shock on top of shock until all one can feel is the places where ones nerves are twitching liked downed Hydro wires. A long poem outlining the trauma and resolution of teenage sexual abuse acts as the centre piece for a collection which examines the chaotic imbalance of power dynamics. These rowdy, risky poems are like sticking your fingers into an electric fan. Whether detailing love torn at every corner, family tragedy or economic anxiety, Nathaniel G. Moore’s fourth collection of poetry examines the pulsing shrapnel years after the case has run cold.

Nathaniel G. Moore is the author of several books including Wrong Bar, Savage 1986-2011, Honorarium and Goodbye Horses. He is the former books editor at Broken Pencil, and his writing has appeared in the Globe and Mail, Canadian Literature, Atlantic Books Today, The Georgia Straight, the Toronto Star, the National Post and subterrain. He has worked as a freelance publicist across the country for nearly 20 years, and now runs moorehype, his own publicity firm out of Fredericton, where he lives with his wife, writer Amber McMillan.

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