Brianna Ferguson

ISBN 9781771262750

$18.00 CDN/USA  102 pages

A Nihilist Walks Into A Bar is the frustrated, fierce, and funny first book of a woman for whom all the old expectations of life have fallen apart. Railing against careers, religion, sex, drinking, and all the usual signposts on the road to self-fulfillment, Ferguson strips away the facade of old ideas and shouts and laughs at the chaos that lies beneath. This book is a manifesto of the disenfranchised, and the diary of a country girl with her head in the clouds. It is a love letter to the world, and a breakup text at 3am. To anyone who’s ever looked out the window and thought “yes, but why?” this book is for you.

Brianna Ferguson is a writer and educator located in the Okanagan Valley. Her stories and poems have appeared across Canada, the U.K., and the U.S.A. in magazines and anthologies such as Minola Review, Jokes Review, and The Apocrypha Files.

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