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The Holy Trinity

by Julie Booker I’m five feet tall. I have a toy poodle. I drive a tiny car. I live in a row house. I teach small children. I’ve trained myself to see the world with a short arc, nicely contained. So it’s easy to see why I write short stories and devour short fiction. My […]

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“But Never in this World is Odysseus Dead”: On David W. McFadden

by Alessandro Porco Why Are You So Long and Sweet? Collected Long Poems of David W. Mcfadden David W. McFadden Insomniac Press, 2010 240 pages, $19.95 You should be able to see a poet’s mind turning over, you should be able to know what he is thinking at all times … – The Poet’s Progress […]

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The Delights of Wood Panelling

by Leigh Nash I’m a sucker for punishment; no matter how many things I have on the go, when something else amazing turns up, I can’t say no. This is how, for the last couple of Sundays, I’ve found myself in the lovely seminar room above new bookstore Of Swallows, Their Deeds, & the Winter […]

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