The Human Hairpin

Now this guy’s name
I can remember

what I mean to say is
there is a thought
sort of like a daisy chain
but more like a paper clip chain
willing its way out of me
but I can’t remember what to say to you
something about hawks
and blue jays
maybe bongo drums
I don’t know what to explain first
the not of knowing
or the knowing I don’t know?

1908 was his best year
he pitched against the White Sox
in a Chicago where your shadow was not yet stretched
across its streets

something is flying out of my pocket
today is earth day
-there is a miserable wind-
and shouldn’t it be every day?
like fedoras and loafers
baseball and the wireless
lemonade on the porch
shouldn’t we be happy just this once
Addie Joss happy
pitchin’ against the White Sox happy
just this once
despite the curve ball
’round the corner.

Lillian Necakov is the author of The Bone Broker (Mansfield Press, 2007). Her work has appeared recently or is soon to appear in Exile and This Magazine.

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