Campfire Radio Rhapsody

Robert Earl Stewart

ISBN 13: 978-1-894469-53-1

$16.95 CDN/US
100 pp

Campfire Radio Rhapsody is Windsor poet Robert Earl Stewart’s follow-up to his acclaimed, Lampert Award–shortlisted debut, Something Burned Along the Southern Border. The humour that many readers found in that first collection takes a turn for the darker here, but the poems are livelier than ever. Campfire Radio Rhapsody features shadowy trains, a cab-driving opera singer, a multi-armed mollusk, and a mass exodus of clowns. From the epic “The County Reporter” (Stewart edits a small-town newspaper) to the rash of startling poems of just half a dozen lines, this is a book by a writer who is digging more deeply into himself and struggling to find his place in a turbulent world with eruptions of beauty and the absurd.

“Robert Earl Stewart’s Campfire Radio Rhapsody misses nothing. Cunning and bold, this collection exists in the tender dark space between tooth and claw. An exceptionally adroit storyteller, Stewart calmly walks us into the eye of the impending storm with uncommon grace. He writes the way the rest of us wish we lived: fearless and searching. “
—Dani Couture, author of Good Meat and Sweet

“When I have pissed away my minuscule notoriety and am trying to revive my relevance by hopping on the back of one of my better-known contemporaries, the study I write will be entitled A Soft Blessing with Fierce Jaws: Danger and Domesticity in the Poetry of Robert Earl Stewart.”
— Brett Eugene Ralph, author of Black Sabbatical


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