Emergency Hallelujah

Jason Heroux

ISBN 978-1-894469-40-1

$16.95 CDN / US
70 pp

Praise for Emergency Hallelujah
“Walking out your door each morning to a world not quite as you expect it, and then walking back inside each evening to a world not quite as you expect it — that’s the effect of reading Emergency Hallelujah, as though everything has shifted an inch to the left. There’s nothing expected about Jason Heroux’s world: it’s fresh, complex, uncanny, playful, threatening, and real. His wide-awake mini-fables will enter your dreams.”

– Roo Borson

“Jason Heroux has written an elegant, radiant book, delivered with page after page of intuitive insights and linguistic depth. He does what poets are supposed to do — show us the joy of language and what lies just beyond language. This is splendid work and I for one am grateful to have these poems in the world.”

– Don Domanski


Mannequins in the Sane Asylum: Aaron Tucker on Emergency Hallelujah

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