First Comes Love

Pino Coluccio

ISBN 1-894469-21-6

$16.95 CDN
$12.95 US
72 pp

In First Comes Love, Pino Coluccio takes family matters, high school angst, dead end jobs, and enduring love and turns them into poetry as catchy as a pop song. These are the kind of poems that recognize our human foibles and comment on them with humour and pathos. First Comes Love is a book that can win over readers who have forgotten that poetry can be funny as well as true.

Praise for First Comes Love

“Like those comedians who reveal painful family secrets for laughs, you’ll have a hard time catching Pino Coluccio at one of his many rhyming bluffs. With a free-ranging and irreverent mix of high and low, and showing a splendid gift for satire and biting portraiture, Coluccio writes an unflinching, crisply-constructed poetry that wears its sad truths lightly-though they sting no less for it. I think even Larkin would be shocked by some of these poems.”

– Carmine Starnino, author of With English Subtitles

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