The Dark Time of Angels

Pier Giorgio Di Cicco

ISBN 1-894469-143

$14.95 CDN
$12.95 US
96 pp

In The Dark Time of Angels, Pier Giorgio Di Cicco continues the exploration of spiritual themes that he began in the critically acclaimed The Honeymoon Wilderness, which Michael Redhill in The Globe and Mail called, “a startling and beautiful work.” Personal yet universal, Di Cicco’s poetry is marked by a lyricism that is unflinching in the face of chaos and contradiction. In a world of suffering, he identifies faith in the oddest places and joy in the smallest things. The Dark Time of Angels is a powerful testament of hope, by one of our finest writers.

Praise for The Dark Time of Angels

“In his new incarnation, Di Cicco has emerged as one of the few poets alive with the courage to explore mind, soul, the mundane quotidian, the spectacular revelations of nature, urban dizziness and rural silence for signs of divine transcendence. The result is awe-inspiring.”

– Books in Canada

Nominated for the Trillium Book Award.

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