The Milk of Birds

Gary Michael Dault

ISBN 1-894469-29-1

$16.95 CDN
$12.95 US
102 pp

The 100 poems making up The Milk of Birds (the title comes from a chocolate candy the author’s partner loved when she was a girl in Poland) began as a deliberate homage to Kenneth Rexroth’s 100 Poems from the Chinese (1971). Soon into his progress, however, the author felt the writing beginning to pull away from the Rexroth model, becoming, instead, a series of short, sometimes plangent, sometimes meditative, sometimes exuberant takes on the beauty and travail of domestic life, on the separateness that is the enemy to love, on the witnessing of the night and the cold that lies at the heart of age and one’s overview of all that life has meant.



Aaron Tucker on The Milk of Birds (Agora Review)

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