Margaret Christakos

ISBN 1-894469-01-1

$12.95 CDN
120 pp

Margaret Christakos’ fourth poetry collection playfully filters the refrains of domestic experience through an ever-shifting procedural sieve, rendering a series of ground-out texts which lift the vernacular to the plane of exuberant bliss.

A woman’s kaleidoscopic self-image emerges where memory and culture double back on each other amidst the practical realities of needing to leave the scene of mothering in order to write at all.

The lover within the mother is invited throughout to speak and deliver herself through a series of impassioned memoirs to an exhilerating and complex embrace of the present.

Praise for wipe.under.a.love

“Christakos’ poems process collage in all its meanings, revamping the sexual: the personal and language’s lurid tryst and performance. These poems are something else. Becomingly so, they evade random sampling as meaning; they have their own forceful wonder, impact behind the eyes.”

– Arc

wipe.under.a.love should be valued as an extremely careful working out of an experiment; those who love conceptual art will find Christakos’ method provocative and witty.”

– Fiddlehead

wipe.under.a.love makes us claw at the brain and at the heart, and it has this capacity even though it refuses to our conventional expectations. This certainly says something about Margaret Christakos’ power as a poet.”

– The Sudbury Star

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