Lillian Necakov

ISBN 13: 978-1-894469-586

$16.95 CAN/US
78 pp

Hooligans is the fifth full-length poetry book by Toronto writer Lillian Necakov. It is a collection about genocide, hope, regret, and a man who ate his shoe; about a discarded subway token, curbside anticipation, the power of fire, divided memories; about the symptoms and shenanigans of daily life on one dot of a large globe. In Hooligans, Necakov extends her reach from the surreal and personal into areas of science and mathematics—and even there, she reaches deep into the human psyche and pulls out something startling.

“Lillian Necakov’s Hooligans pulls the quotidian out of a top hat, provides us with unrealized Buñuel scenarios and perfect sketches for future Dalís, and gives short shrift to the smug shrug of the soulless, all in little thought balloons that can’t be popped.”
— Victor Coleman

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