Alice Burdick

ISBN 13: 978-1-894469-70-8

$16.95 CDN/US
80 pp

In her follow-up to 2008’s Flutter, former big-city-dweller Alice Burdick explores nature and the small town, taking a cue from children learning their voices: “All I see are trucks, / trucks and ducks.” With a blend of playful narrative and an Ashberyesque collage approach, Burdick paints a portrait of our world as one of continuous wonder, and full of relationships—between people, and between people and things—that never die but continually transform, even in death.

On Alice Burdick’s Previous Books

“Her lines are deceptively elementary, but it’s not simplicity they produce, but complex comprehension.”
—George Elliott Clarke, The Chronicle Herald

“Burdick [focuses] closely on the sound and spark of her language, often making startling leaps in logic, tone, and theme from one stanza to the next. This imbues the work with a pleasing surrealistic energy.”
—David Barrick, Matrix

“An odd oracular voice of someone standing apart and commenting on what she observes floods these utterances. Burdick’s observations merit our attention.” —Lily Iona MacKenzie, Prairie Fire

“An intelligent bold voice without pomp and ceremony.… One gets the impression Burdick could be hiding behind us watching our every
misstep, or pointing out spit on the pavement before we slip.”
—Candice Daquin, Northern Poetry Review

“These poems bristle with wonderful shocks to perception—intellectual, visceral, and hallucinatory.” —Lance La Rocque, The Drunken Boat

Open Book Toronto Interview 

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