MotherDied_FrontCoverLoRezDavid W. McFadden

Journal of a month-long motor tour through Great Britain (with a side trip to France) with my father in June of 1992

ISBN 978-1-771260-04-6

$17.00 CDN / US

94 pp

In 1992, a year after his mother died, poet David W. McFadden took his 78-year-old father, Bill, on a road trip through the U.K. This lively journal of their month-long travels is filled with McFadden’s wit and insight, and his generosity as a storyteller. It is an unusual and intimate portrait of the U.K., and of the many people Dave and his dad ran into on their journey. This book is equal parts memoir, travelogue, and insight into the creative mind of one of Canada’s most beloved poets.

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