H ave you ever wondered what a luge poem or snowboarding poem or hockey poem would look like? In Winter Sport, Priscila Uppal, who was the poet-in-residence for Canadian Athletes Now during the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Games, gave us a fun-filled look at the sporting world’s greatest show on earth. In Summer Sport, she did the same again, at the 2012 London Olympic and Paralympic games. Now, in honour of the 2014 Winter Olympics, we’re offering both of Uppal’s wonderful collections as an Olympic combo pack. For 28 bucks (and free shipping in Canada) you can experience the thrill of the games in a form that will bring pleasure long after the lights go down on the closing ceremonies.

“Uppal’s poems are a true pleasure to read! They are gold medal material and filled with pure heart and soul.”
– Jennifer Botterill, 3-time Olympic Gold Medallist, Women’s Hockey

“The athletic and the aesthetic ice dance a duet in this collection of fast, fun verse from the winter olympics’ first poet-in-residence.”
– Steven Heighton, author of Every Lost Country and Patient Frame

“From one of Canada’s most dynamic poets come sports poems that are playful, funny, and full of trick moves. Uppal’s wordplay is as muscular as the athletes she celebrates.”
– Gil Adamson, author of The Outlander and Ashland

Priscila Uppal Combo Pack $28.00
Olympic Combo

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