MOON_BABOON_CANOE_PromoCover_LoRezGary Barwin

ISBN 978-1-77126-033-6
$17.00 CDN/USA
88 pages

A follow-up to his acclaimed The Porcupinity of the Stars, Moon Baboon Canoe is filled with Gary Barwin’s trademark humour, invention, musicality and craft. These witty and surprising poems confront subjects as diverse as time machines, elves, hummingbirds, birth and cows, yet manage to explore the perennial themes of poetry: delight, mortality, childhood, love, the natural world and squirrels. It is a moon-guided, baboon-paddled canoe of a book, and around each bend in the river we find the sources of our strength: consolation, goofiness and joy.


“Between the funny, freaky filmmaker Guy Maddin and author Gary Barwin, Canada is producing some of the most innovative creative works of our time.” — Utne Reader

“Gary Barwin delivers surreal, parabolic, even mythic poems, the denseness of which opens up to sparkle with an alluring beauty.”
Canadian Literature

“There’s a real depth of feeling and a surprising lyricism in these
poems … this is a collection for both the heart and the head.”
Winnipeg Free Press

“Barwin brings a delightfully refreshing reality to the page. He teaches us to see in new ways, even sometimes with the eyes of a child.”
Prairie Fire Review of Books

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