Shouting Your Name_LoRezPromoCover

David W. McFadden

ISBN 978-1-77126-041-1
$20.00 CDN/USA
168 pages

David W. McFadden is Genmai, prolific writer of haiku and tankas. He has been exploring these Japanese forms for six decades, and Shouting Your Name Down The Well is the first full-length collection of this work. The 500 or so poems in this lively volume comprise a mesmerizing overview of his life and his philosophy. With his treasured tenderness and humour, David W. McFadden—aka Genmai—sings of the great tragedies of life and the magnificent moments of whimsy and magic. You will want to savour each one of these tiny poems.
“His wonderful poems … feel to me the central unofficial voice of our time.” — Michael Ondaatje

“There won’t be another like him. Let’s treasure the one we’ve got.” — Stephanie Bolster

“In my generation he’s a master.” — Fred Wah

“David McFadden’s poetry is probably the poetry most often read aloud at my house.… His is a broad talent, a unique voice and real vision.” — Elizabeth Bachinsky

“David McFadden has won every book prize ever lodged in a secret corner of everyone’s heart, his acceptance speech echoing in our heads.” — George Bowering

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