Priscila Uppal

ISBN 978-1-77126-073-2
$17.00 CDN/USA
98 pages

Sabotage is a covert exploration of public and private acts of destruction, disruption, and vandalism in the 21st century. With devious grace, award-winning author Priscila Uppal probes vital sites that are under attack or at risk, such as the human body, the communities and families we live among, and the cultural legacies that shape us. Sabotage frames this investigation of violations through recognizable legal and literary methods: Accusations, Discussions, Adaptations, Riddles, Arguments, and Defenses.

This is Uppal as saboteur—breaking down barriers by playing with language, by forging new connections and approaches to issues of cultural importance. Whether looking at the world through the lens of reality TV or providing updated, 21st-century answers to famous Anglo-Saxon riddles, Uppal reimagines historical, cultural and mythic frameworks in contemporary terms. These poems show how modern obsessions are as timely as the evening news and as old as the human spirit.

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