Saint Twin

Sarah Burgoyne

ISBN 978-1-77126-113-5
$20.00 CDN/USA
172 pages

Saint Twin is a collection of story poems, short lyrics, long walks, tiny chapters, and fake psalms. This startlingly original debut by Sarah Burgoyne explores absurdity, loss, and wonder, leaping intuitively from speaker to speaker, scene to scene, and sometimes (but not always) hunting for a holy other, or the holiness of the Other. Challenging and pleasurable, in a Cortázar-like construction, sequences begin, disappear, and then reappear, playing with fable, myth, and drunken reportage. There has never been a Canadian poetry book quite like Saint Twin.

I am walking you across the street. You are a small,
irritable animal that wears shoes. I tried to put
them on, but they were just balloons with
their stems cut off.

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