PEN Fundraiser

O ur valiant former editor Stuart Ross has come up with a fantastic idea for a fundraiser in support of the important work PEN Canada does. Here’s the scoop:

1,000 Bird Poems by Necakov: A PEN Fundraiser Marathon

1,000 Bird Poems by Necakov: A PEN Fundraiser Marathon will feature about 25 guest poets and other personalities, each reading about 40 tweet-length poems by Toronto poet Lillian Necakov.

The money raised (from PWYC admission at the door, and door prize tickets), goes entirely to PEN Canada, a vital organization dedicated to promoting free speech and keeping writers out of prison around the world. Readers taking part include Gary Barwin, Adebe DA, Dennis Lee, Canisia Lubrin, Susan Perly, Stuart Ross, Karen Solie and Jacqueline Valencia.

The event takes place Wednesday January 18 at Supermarket in Toronto’s Kensington Market. It’s a great cause, with lots of great writers reading from Lillian’s amazing 1000 Bird Poems.

1000 Poem Project poster FINAL

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