Pizza Cultura

Mark Cirillo

ISBN 978-1-77126-168-5
$30.00 CDN/USA
170 pages

No one knows exactly how or when it happened. But someone in 18th century Naples took the common flatbread and topped it with a New World vegetable, the tomato. A few years later Raffaele Esposito, wanting to impress the queen, added mozzarella and basil and an Italian icon was born. Pizza Cultura takes an in–depth look at the world’s most beloved dish.The history, varieties, and ingredients. The people who make it and tools of the trade. Plus wine pairings and some expert recipes you can try at home.

“This book is an adventure through time and customs, an homage to the Italian food revolution and a passionate recherche on how pizza became the food of the new world.”

Corrado Paina, Executive Director, Italian Chamber of Commerce of Ontario

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