D.A. Lockhart

ISBN 978-1-77126-200-2
$17.00 CDN/USA
78 pages


In poems that stretch from the wide boulevards of Detroit to the big sky vistas of Montana, D.A. Lockhart explores the way that places make us who we are. In these journeys and stopovers, layers of folk and Indigenous histories unfold and illuminate distinctive portions of the American landscape. Panoramic and precise, The Gravel Lot That Was Montana finds those places that haunt the greater American experience, and the parts of this world that carry on, despite the slow grind of time.

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Big sky meets bigger characters, roads run the range, classic cars channel cool jazz and rolling rock—it’s all here. With exceptional zeal and flair, Lockhart weaves his way in and out of a dazzling poetic heartland. He is a writer on a mission, coveting the strange, covering the eccentric and hammering the truth with a vigorous voice that speaks to his Indigenous heritage, his keen perception and his joyous celebration of things complex and commonplace.

—Peter Hrastovec, author of In Lieu of Flowers and Sidelines

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