James Hawes

ISBN 9781771262163

$17.00 CDN/USA

98 pages

In his first full-length collection of poems, James Hawes explores themes as diverse as nature, travel, love, coleslaw and Steven Seagal, placing his subjects on equal ground, searching for empathy in even the most mundane of events. It is a book of memories of the everyday to the extraordinary and the sensations they arouse; finding humour where it can be found, but always taking time to ponder the mystery and miracle of it all.

“James Hawes writes earnest poems and wry poems and tender poems and poems of quiet horror. Breakfast with a Heron is a generous collection of his incisive, filmic observations and micro-narratives. There is an awful lot to admire in these pages.”

—Stuart Ross, author Motel of the Opposable Thumbs and Pockets

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