Essayist, reviewer, columnist, and poet, Diana Fitzgerald Bryden’s poetry has appeared in two Insomniac Press anthologies (Beds and Shotguns and The Last Word) and Vintage96, a League of Canadian Poets anthology published by Quarry Press. Her poems have also been published in magazines and journals including Shift, Alphabet City, and The Globe & Mail. She was a winner in the League of Canadian Poets National Poetry Contest in 1996, and one of her essays was shortlisted for the 1998 Canadian Literary Awards.

Bryden explores her love of the Russian language and Russian poets in her poetry. She poses questions about the impact of the past on identities in the present, especially for the immigrant from of a diverse cultural heritage living “in between” cultures.

Learning Russian is her first book.

“A remarkable debut collection – precise, elegant, wilde and eloquent.”

Lynn Crosbie