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Flip Turn

Paula Eisenstein ISBN 978-1-894469-82-1 $19.95 CDN / US 194 pp In Paula Eisenstein’s spare and provocative first novel, a young girl must come to terms with the discovery that her brother killed a young girl. Feeling alienated and not knowing how to ask for help, she decides that suppressing her sexual development will ensure she […]

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The Art of Sufficient Conclusions

Sarah Dearing ISBN 978-1-894469-78-4 $19.95 CDN / US 230 pp The Art of Sufficient Conclusions is a genre-bending chronicle of one woman’s obsession to comprehend the slippery nature of truth. It’s a compelling literary mash-up of fiction, memoir, and archival material, tracing the complex processes of personal identity, belief and the creation of art itself. […]

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Happy Birthday Nicanor Parra

Jim Smith ISBN 978-1-894469-86-9 $16.95 CDN / US 104 pp Happy Birthday, Nicanor Parra is Jim Smith’s most extreme book yet. Bursting with anti-translations, non-stories, tiny lyrics and extended dictations, it is part birthday gift-bag, part writer’s memento mori. Smith takes hero worship, the urge to list, the longing for just a few more words […]

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What’s the Score?

David W. McFadden ISBN 13: 978-1-894469-62-3 $19.95 CDN/US 150 pp The often outrageous and always wise follow-up to 2008’s Governor General’s Award–nominated Be Calm, Honey shows David W. McFadden at his most inquisitive and provocative. Here you’ll find ninety-nine poems full of surprises by a Canadian long-distance poet in his sixth decade of writing, a […]

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Sympathy Loophole

Jaime Forsythe ISBN 13: 978-1-894469-74-6 $16.95 CDN/US 62 pp This lively first collection, often both creepy and hilarious, serves up an image-laden universe — the sideshow we call home — where contortionists, womanizing ventriloquist dummies, and pickled sharks compete with the everyday for the mark’s hard-earned buck. Jaime Forsythe’s poetry is loaded with wit, mystery, […]

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Alice Burdick ISBN 13: 978-1-894469-70-8 $16.95 CDN/US 80 pp In her follow-up to 2008’s Flutter, former big-city-dweller Alice Burdick explores nature and the small town, taking a cue from children learning their voices: “All I see are trucks, / trucks and ducks.” With a blend of playful narrative and an Ashberyesque collage approach, Burdick paints […]

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In This Thin Rain

Nelson Ball ISBN 13: 978-1-894469-66-1 $16.95 CDN/US 82 pp In his first full-length poetry collection since 2004, Nelson Ball, Canada’s most renowned minimalist, offers up compressed meditations — ranging from the whimsical to the mournful — on clouds, birds, insects, trees live and dead, water-stained walls, crumbling windmills, and hyphenation. Ball’s poems are meticulously polished gems that move through […]

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