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Rishma Dunlop ISBN 1-894469-24-0 $16.95 CDN $12.95 US 58 pp Metropolis is a visionary work that dreams the elegiac landscape of cities like Toronto, where genteel Victorian culture leans hard against Sri Lankan ghettos; where prostitutes and cocaine dealers ply their trade next to green streets immaculate with rose gardens. In Metropolis, urban portraits of […]

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Memoirs of an Alias

Jason Heroux ISBN 1-894469-18-6 $16.95 CDN $12.95 US 80 pp In this debut collection, Jason Heroux describes the atmosphere of a world that is both realistic and bizarre. His simple, clear poems capture the strange and mysterious absurdity of everyday life. The world becomes a place where shadows are kept in jars, where a frightened […]

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The Lucky Child

Marianne Apostolides ISBN: 978-1-894469-47-0 $19.95 CDN/US 208 pp How do we construct the story of ourselves and our countries? How do we know our histories, our memories, our identities? These are the questions that compelled Marianne Apostolides to ask her father about his childhood in wartime Greece. Her probing unleashed a torrent of stories he’d […]

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Living in Paradise

Pier Giorgio Di Cicco ISBN 1-894469-05-4 $19.95 CDN 172 pp Afterword by Dennis Lee After fifteen years of publishing silence, Pier Giorgio Di Cicco is back. Living in Paradise contains his best poetry from the seventies and eighties along with his first new poetry since he left the literary world to join a monastery. As […]

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Learning Russian

Diana Fitzgerald Bryden ISBN 1-894469-00-3 $12.95 CDN 72 pp Does the past mean only what we want it to? Can anything at all be learned from a photgraph of a scrap of forgotten language? In Learning Russian, Diana Fitzgerald Bryden asks these and other questions with clear-eyed, compelling honesty, as she examines the seductive lure […]

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Late in a Slow Time

Carole Glasser-Langille ISBN 1-894469-097 $14.95 CDN 120 pp Late in a Slow Time is an intricate book that deftly marks the “little monumental changes” that make up our daily lives. In poems about the contradictory nature of wonder, suffering, and acceptance, Carole Glasser Langille shows us “how fine-tuned this unanswered world is.” In her search […]

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The Last Thing Standing

Ann Shin ISBN 1-894469-03-8 $12.95 CDN 64 pp In The Last Thing Standing, Shin pulls away floors and ceilings in a thoughtful meditation on the concept of home. From the many lives contained within four walls of a house, to the mortar and beams that keep it standing, she is a telling witness to the […]

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In the Terrible Weather of Guns

John B. Lee ISBN 1-894469-100 $14.95 CDN 136 pp In the Terrible Weather of Guns is a book of poems and short prose pieces that tell the story of the life and times of Irish immigrant, Joseph Willcocks. Arriving in Upper Canada penniless in 1800, he was by turns a personal secretary, sheriff of the […]

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Imagining Toronto

Amy Lavender Harris ISBN 978-1-894469-39-5 $21.95 CDN / US 336 pp In Imagining Toronto, Amy Lavender Harris ventures deep into the imagined city — the Toronto of fiction, poetry, and essays — where she dowses for meaning in the literature of the city on the lake as its inhabitants understand, remember, and dream it. By […]

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Icarus Redux

Matt Santateresa ISBN 1-894469-12-7 $14.95 CDN 96 pp In his third collection, Icarus Redux, Matt Santateresa’s poems come alive with the intelligence and wit that are his trademark. Whether creating luminous dreamscapes or meditating on Ovid by the Black Sea, Santateresa gets below the surface of images and into their substance. In the titular sequence, […]

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