Dead Men of the Fifties

Pier Giorgio Di Cicco

ISBN 1-894469-19-4

$19.95 CDN
$15.95 US
144 pp

From the “endlessly inventive” mind of one of Canada’s greatest poets, comes Dead Men of the Fifties, a rollicking tour through a hopeful, headlong decade filled with jive talkin’ jazzmen, the tallest dancer in burlesque, regular folks, movie stars, and TV dogs. Following the success of last year’s Trillium Award nominated The Dark Time of Angels, Di Cicco proves once again that his mercurial talent can quickly shift directions and stop on a dime.

Through multiple voices of everyday people and portraits of the icons of an era, Dead Men of the Fifties recreates the ethos of the time with verve, clarity, and affection.

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