Catherine Owen &
Joe Rosenblatt

With photographs by Karen Moe

ISBN 1-894469-34-8 (978-1-894469-34-0)

$18.95 CDN
$16.95 US
96 pp

Guardian of the gates of hell, brightest star in the night sky, the dog is the saucy, swaggering, world-weary trickster whose indomitable spirit has been mythologized for millennia. In Dog, poets Catherine Owen and Joe Rosenblatt have written a volume of solo and conjoined sonnets about dogs of the cosmos, the underworld and the psyche. Orbiting around the striking canine images of photographer Karen Moe’s Perros: Dogs of Central Havana, Owen and Rosenblatt wisely and wittily follow the scent of mankind’s oldest friend, sniffing out the traces of the dog in all of us.


Karen Moe is a photographer, multi-media performance artist and musician. Her work has been exhibited across Canada. She makes her home in Vancouver.

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