Dog Eat Rat

Tom Walmsley

ISBN 13: 978-1-894469-42-5

Everybody wants to get to Heaven, but nobody wants to die. And in Hell, everyone is naked. Dog Eat Rat, the third novel by Tom Walmsley, one of Canada’s most uncompromising writers of plays, fiction and poetry, is the story of private investigators Trip and Ginger, who continually devise new ways to break the tedium of their primary task: sitting in cars for days on end, waiting for their subject to step out a door or step into one. But suddenly everything changes: in what begins as a dime-a-dozen case of an adulterous wife, Trip and Ginger fall off the edge of the world trying to solve a mystery no one knew existed. Hard-boiled yet determinedly literary, Dog Eat Rat draws the reader into another of Walmsley’s unique explorations of sex, faith and violence.


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