Icarus Redux

Matt Santateresa

ISBN 1-894469-12-7

$14.95 CDN
96 pp

In his third collection, Icarus Redux, Matt Santateresa’s poems come alive with the intelligence and wit that are his trademark. Whether creating luminous dreamscapes or meditating on Ovid by the Black Sea, Santateresa gets below the surface of images and into their substance. In the titular sequence, “Icarus Redux,” he delivers a startling revision of the myth of Icarus. In between the construction of his wax wings by an emotionally remote father and the downward plummet of his fall, this Icarus watches television, listens to the radio, complains on the phone and worships daredevil Evil Knieval. Through this collection, its flair for dramatic situations, and its spirited, lively language, a talented poet comes into his own.

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