The Honeymoon Wilderness

Pier Giorgio Di Cicco

ISBN 1-894469-097

$14.95 CDN
120 pp

The Honeymoon Wilderness is Pier Giorgio Di Cicco’s first full-length collection of new poetry to be published since 1986 when he withdrew from the world of literature to join a monastery. These are poems of fear and wonder from a man deeply engaged in the contemplation of the everyday. They resonate with the surprising imagery and heart-wrenching lyrical intelligence that is the hallmark of Di Cicco’s best work. The Honeymoon Wilderness amply demonstrates why Di Cicco must still be considered one of our major, essential poets.

Praise for The Honeymoon Wilderness

“In the restless quest for paradise that his work to date enacts—sometimes luminous, sometimes overreaching, always I think heroic—Di Cicco has blazed one of the moving exemplary paths in contemporary poetry.”

– Dennis Lee

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