Red Silk

Rishma Dunlop & Priscila Uppal

ISBN 1-894469-16-X

$19.95 CDN
$15.95 US
184 pp

An anthology of South Asian Women Poets

Edited and introduced by Rishma Dunlop and Priscila Uppal with poetry by:

Hiro Boga, Kuldip Gill, Sonnet L’Abbé, Danielle Lagah, Soraya Mariam Peerbaye, Sharanpal Ruprai, Sandeep Sanghera, Shauna Singh Baldwin, Proma Tagore, Rishma Dunlop, and Priscila Uppal

“As rich and exuberant as its title, Red Silk, an anthology of poems by women who identify as South Asian, is an important contribution to the growing body of South Asian Canadian literature. Ably edited by Rishma Dunlop and Priscila Uppal, with a superb “Introduction,” Red Silk launches some powerful South Asian female, and feminist, voices on the Canadian literary scene. These poets explore the complexity, diversity and heterogeneity of South Asian Canadian identity by examining their relationships, as women, to the South Asian cultures that they live in their bones, memory and daily lives. These poems enact how an ordinary household object, a word, a smell, a gesture, can all trigger a cascade of memories and responses soaked in cultural significance, and mark one as South Asian. Drawing on the deep well of South Asian cultural memory and its semiotic treasure house, these poets redefine and expand both Canadian culture and Canadian literature.”

– Arun Mukherjee


Zach Wells on the question of authenticity

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