Edited by Stephen Brockwell and Stuart Ross

ISBN: 978-1-894469-48-7



When Prime Minister Stephen Harper prorogued Parliament (for the second time in a year!) on December 30, 2009, he punted many vital bills into oblivion. But he also inspired hundreds of poems after Mansfield Press announced this government-toppling anthology. This book gathers a range of responses—from outrage to slapstick—by acclaimed poets (including Canada’s first Parliamentary Poet Laureate and several winners of the Governor General’s Award for Poetry), previously unpublished poets and, to paraphrase Stephen Harper, ordinary working Canadians.

About the Editors:

Stephen Brockwell is a single dad who runs www.brockwellit.com, a small it consulting business with offices in Ottawa, Ontario, and Cibolo, Texas. He has written four books of poems, including Fruitfly Geographic (ECW Press, 2004), which won the Archibald Lampman Award.

Stuart Ross is a poet, fiction writer, editor and writing instructor. His recent books include Buying Cigarettes for the Dog (Freehand Books, 2009), Dead Cars in Managua (DC Books, 2008), I Cut My Finger (Anvil Press, 2007) and Confessions of a Small Press Racketeer (Anvil Press, 2005). His previous anthologies include My Lump in the Bed: Love Poems for George W. Bush (Proper Tales Press, 2004) and Surreal Estate: 13 Canadian Poets Under the Influence (The Mercury Press, 2005). Stuart is Poetry Editor at Mansfield Press and Fiction & Poetry Editor for This Magazine.

Featuring poems by:

Sandra Alland ✺ Larissa Andrusyshyn ✺ Steven Artelle ✺ Tara Azzopardi ✺ Jonathan Ball ✺ Gary Barwin ✺ derek beaulieu & Andrew Topel ✺ Jonathan Bennett ✺ George Bowering ✺ Shannon Bramer ✺ Stephen Brockwell ✺ Mike Buckthought ✺ Alice Burdick ✺ Stephen Cain ✺ Chris Chambers ✺ George Elliott Clarke ✺ Stewart Cole ✺ Claudia Coutu Radmore ✺ Linda Lee Crosfield ✺ Michael Dennis ✺ Ann Diamond ✺ Adam Dickinson ✺ Christopher Doda ✺ Mark D Dunn ✺ Amanda Earl ✺ Hermann Eberl ✺ Amatoritsero Ede ✺ Maureen Egan ✺ Chris Faiers ✺ Laura Farina ✺ Andrew Faulkner ✺ Jesse Patrick Ferguson ✺ Laurie Fuhr ✺ Patrick Gass ✺ yaqoob ghaznavi ✺ David Greer ✺ Gwendolyn Guth ✺ Nathan Hauch ✺ Jamie Hawes ✺ Jason Heroux ✺ Joanna Lilley ✺ James Lindsay ✺ Jeanettes Lynes ✺ Nyla Matuk ✺ clay mccann ✺ Marcus McCann ✺ Christine McNair ✺ Peter McPhee ✺ kevin mcpherson eckhoff ✺ Bruce Meyer ✺ George Murray ✺ Leigh Nash ✺ Lillian Necakov ✺ Fraser Nelund ✺ The Poets of Nova Institution ✺ Vincent Ponka ✺ K.I. Press ✺ Robert Priest ✺ Michael Eden Reynolds ✺ Stan Rogal ✺ Joe Rosenblatt ✺ Stuart Ross ✺ Ingrid Ruthig ✺ Jeremy Sandler ✺ Greg Santos ✺ Brenda Schmidt ✺ Guy Simser ✺ Jim Smith✺ H. Masud Taj ✺ Daniel Scott Tysdal ✺ Priscila Uppal ✺ Steve Venright


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