The Visible World

Pier Giorgio Di Cicco

ISBN 1-894469-26-7

$16.95 CDN
$12.95 US
110 pp

In language that is direct as the noon-day sun Toronto’s Poet Laureate, Pier Giorgio Di Cicco returns to the wilderness terrain of his Trillium nominated The Dark Time of Angels to ask difficult questions of an acutely examined life. The Visible World is a metaphysical journey through the landscape of a traitor heart with its primal urgencies and infinite capacity for wonder. It is Di Cicco’s great gift to be able to cut away the assumptions of the material world and show the fine grain of existence in all its contradictory splendour. Di Cicco, as Dennis Lee has written,“has blazed one of the moving, exemplary paths in contemporary poetry.” The Visible World will show once again whyhe must be considered one of today’s essential poets.

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