What Happens at Canals

Sam Difalco

ISBN 1-894469-062-2

$14.95 CDN
64 pp

What Happens at Canals is Sam Difalco’s debut collection of his widely published poems. These tales of life’s complexities, banalities, and beauty are brought to life on the page through Difalco’s colourful imagery and musical overtones. They move from the lush worlds of garden parties and days at the beach to the kaleidoscopic turmoil of a questioning mind. With a warmth and vulnerability that is peppered with off-beat humour, these poems create exotic pictures of the world around us. As Difalco writes in “Genius of Flora,” “The exotic is also familiar;” in What Happens at Canals, both the commonplace and the strange are expressed with a vibrant and refreshingly original voice

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