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ISBN 978-1-771260-00-8

Every new collection by George Bowering is an event in Canadian poetry. His latest book—topping a six-decade writing career—is an eclectic, lively mix of free verse, list poems, haiku, and more. Whether Bowering is taking on the big themes—love, mortality, politics—or the mundane or trivial, his poems are fresh, snappy, and always provocative. The poetry in Teeth is by turns playful, meditative, and outrageous—odes to his contemporaries, to long-dead bards, to baseball players and jazz musicians, to loved ones lost.

An unusual bonus in this volume is an extensive end-of-the-book interview with Bowering by fellow poet Judith Fitzgerald that explores the evolution of Canadian poetry since the 1960s, what it means to be a poet, and Bowering’s
own oeuvre.

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