Stephen Brockwell

ISBN 978-1-77126-012-1
$17.00 CDN/USA
104 pages

Ottawa poet Stephen Brockwell has stumbled upon a vault of startling—and non-existent—volumes of outrageous poetry. This compendium of verse, Brockwell’s fifth full-length collection, draws from this imaginary motherlode, showcasing the poet at his most incisive, most harrowing, most political, and funniest. Here you’ll find unhinged narrative poems from The Big Book of Confessions and Apologies by Self-Aware Addicted Persons, rapturous bureaucratic odes from The Evangelical Handbook for Engineers, nasty skip-rope fodder from The Prime Minister’s Nursery Rhymes for Insolent Children, and lyric delights of excess from Cantos of the 1%. Let Brockwell take you on a tour of the finest poetry books that never existed!

Reviewers on Stephen Brockwell’s previous books:

“Stephen Brockwell’s Cometology holds rare and authentic promise.”
–Harold Bloom

The Wire in Fences is one of those rare first collections that is far more than
promising—it is accomplished and quite astounding in its sheer mastery of
poetic craft and unity of theme.”
—Michael Williamson, Canadian Book Review

“Stephen Brockwell watches the skies. For him the future arrives in paths and patterns, perhaps fleetingly discerned through the telescope as well as in the more immediate ‘rivulets of water’ of whose greater river of memory we are part.”
—Tim Conley, Canadian Literature

“Fruitfly Geographic is an important book by a poet with a strong social conscience, a keen eye for detail, and a gift for description. These poems are extremely well written, evidence that this scribe understands both the beauty of his text and the urgency of his message.”
—Malahat Review

“The Real Made Up has no respect for comfort zones. A wonderful work of harsh unrealities.”
—The Danforth Review

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