Stuart Ross and 29 Collaborators

ISBN 978-1-77126-024-4
$17.00 CDN/USA
112 pages

In this book—the first of its kind by a Canadian poet—Stuart Ross takes the stage in the vaudeville act that is collaborative poetry, with writers from across the country. Collaboration allows Ross to be part of poems—and the kinds of poems—he would never write on his own. He believes the best poems are those that explode the author’s own intentions. The results are sometimes beautifully harmonic, sometimes chaotically slapstick—but they are always as unpredictable as a live performance. And with the occasional exquisite pratfall.


“It would be difficult to contain Ross’s manic talent in any way whatsoever.… He’s no wan academic poetaster; instead, Ross is an activist/populist who believes in making all writing accessible.”
—Lynne Van Luven, The Malahat Review

“Ross belongs among the top tier of poets in this country.… His book is, among other things, a quiet polemic in defense of the miscellaneous, swimming against the stream and against streamlining.”
—Alex Porco, Northern Poetry Review

“Ross insists on a poetics that explores the head-exploding, heartbreaking power of language pushed to its limits.”
—Tanis MacDonald, Prairie Fire Review of Books

“A writer with an original sensibility, he’s got a gazillion curious, funny and disturbing things to say about our lives and our world.”
—M.A.C. Farrant, The Vancouver Sun

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