Christine Miscione

ISBN 978-1-77126-049-7
$20.00 CDN/USA
238 pages

Wretched, masochistic, beautiful, Carofola is a novel about the perils of life decisions; a spellbinding coming-of-age story that is a wild ride through the rapids of one woman’s hyper-aware consciousness. Whether navigating the depths of the hypothetical, or the heights of the real, or overcome with the paralysis of cynicism, the narrator of Christine Miscione’s first novel subjects everything—lovers, familial bonds, the freedom of foreign lands, her cherished childhood relationships—even her own sanity—to a fierce,
judgmental scrutiny. Raw, honest and elegiac, Carafola draws readers into an unforgettable story with an immediacy that is palpable.


“The stories in Auxiliary Skins are noisy and brash, and traffic in a strain of body horror that is frankly Cronenbergian.… [T]he best of these stories are capable of eliciting powerful emotional reactions.”
—Steven W. Beattie, National Post

“Miscione excels at writing about horrible things in beautiful ways. Her prose is not only deft and neat, but often wrenchingly lovely… [She] details mortifications of the body…with poetic affection, reveling in the repugnance with a glee that often makes the reader recoil, then draw uncontrollably closer to the carnage.”
—Natalie Zina Walschots, Quill & Quire

“Miscione writes with an ultra-fresh, mega-engaging style that will inspire writers and enthrall readers. No one writes stories or sentences quite like these.”
—Chad Pelley, The Telegraph-Journal

“Existential terror never felt so fun.” —Jonathan Ball, This Magazine

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