Some Mornings

Nelson Ball

ISBN 978-1-77126-057-2
$17.00 CDN/USA
90 pages

In Some Mornings, Nelson Ball’s trademark minimalism takes on a new expansiveness. This is a book of both profound joy and mourning. In sharply observed poems about nature—and the nature of people—Ball offers an instruction manual on how to be in the world: how to see beauty in the tiniest of things and how to recognize the bittersweet vitality of life through the smallest of gestures. These poems are the verbal equivalent of Japanese brush drawings.


“He understands not only how to leave space for poems to breathe but also how to leave space for our brains to breathe. The rhythm of these poems are tailored to the way the contemplative mind works…”
—Mark Sampson, Free Range Reading

“He sees what we all see, the small transitory moments that make up our lives—but there is nothing ‘small’ about his conclusions or observations.”
—Michael Dennis, Today’s Book of Poetry

“From his seat at the pond’s edge, the poet learns to hear the language of its elements, and then teaches the reader to do the same.”
—Nita Pronovost, Matrix

“At his best, Ball proves that short can be eloquent, and small beautiful.”
—W. J. Keith, Canadian Book Review Annual

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