Frank Davey

ISBN 978-1-77126-053-4
$17.00 CDN/USA
132 pages

In these mischievous poems about mischievously charming language, Frank Davey shows us how words can be more nimble than we are ourselves, how they take us places we may not have wanted to go, and how likely it is that you’ve already been there.

“Frank Davey is a self-confessed semiotician; if discourse studies hadn’t been invented, he’d have done it anyway. It’s a class weapon.”
—Lynette Hunter, Disunified Aesthetics

“[In Bardy Google], Davey … constructs meaning in a way that has no connection to traditional human means of reasoning and storytelling and yet is wholly comprehensible to his reader.”
—Vanessa Lent, The Bull Calf

“Cultural Mischief is a doggedly raucous, downright waggish guide to off-leash culture.… Hurrah for mischief.”
—Aretha van Herk

“A poetry shaped by the poet’s deep sense of how poetry must naturally emerge from the roots of place, time, and personal knowledge, commitment and feeling.”
—Douglas Barbour

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