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My Planet of Kites

Marie-Ève Comtois ISBN 978-1-77126-061-9 $12.00 CDN/USA 64 pages My Planet of Kites is a rich suite of prose poems that document an intimate universe, mixing personal and pop-culture references in language colourful, painful and humorous. The narrator’s reflections on the thrilling—but usually mundane—aspects of everyday life will resonate with anyone who seeks shared dreams of travel, […]

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  Aaron Tucker ISBN 978-1-77126-077-0 $17.00 CDN/USA 98 pages punchlines is a lyric long poem that probes the poetic tensions in the everyday languages of computer-user collaboration. Within the narrative structure of a Canadian couple’s drive down the West Coast of the United States, the poems set this exploration between the call (poem title) and response […]

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The Purpose Pitch

Kathryn Mockler ISBN 978-1-77126-069-5 $17.00 CDN/USA 96 pages   Drawing from a range of contemporary poetic traditions, The Purpose Pitch explores the overlap between narrative, pop culture, and the political. These poems are often funny, sometimes harrowing, and always unsettling. Through rants, narrative prose poems, absurdist dialogues, brutal police reports, invented biographies of real people, Google […]

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Priscila Uppal ISBN 978-1-77126-073-2 $17.00 CDN/USA 98 pages Sabotage is a covert exploration of public and private acts of destruction, disruption, and vandalism in the 21st century. With devious grace, award-winning author Priscila Uppal probes vital sites that are under attack or at risk, such as the human body, the communities and families we live among, and […]

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Some Talk of Being Human

Laura Farina ISBN 978-1-77126-045-9 $17.00 CDN/USA 90 pages It’s been nearly a decade since Laura Farina’s celebrated first book of poetry, This Woman Alphabetical, won the 2006 Archibald Lampman Prize for best book by an Ottawa poet. Farina’s follow-up, Some Talk of Being Human, which she began almost immediately after, is a charming, whimsical and occasionally […]

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Poems Suitable to Current Material Conditions

Frank Davey ISBN 978-1-77126-053-4 $17.00 CDN/USA 132 pages In these mischievous poems about mischievously charming language, Frank Davey shows us how words can be more nimble than we are ourselves, how they take us places we may not have wanted to go, and how likely it is that you’ve already been there. ON FRANK DAVEY’S PREVIOUS […]

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Some Mornings

Nelson Ball ISBN 978-1-77126-057-2 $17.00 CDN/USA 90 pages In Some Mornings, Nelson Ball’s trademark minimalism takes on a new expansiveness. This is a book of both profound joy and mourning. In sharply observed poems about nature—and the nature of people—Ball offers an instruction manual on how to be in the world: how to see beauty in […]

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Christine Miscione ISBN 978-1-77126-049-7 $20.00 CDN/USA 238 pages Wretched, masochistic, beautiful, Carofola is a novel about the perils of life decisions; a spellbinding coming-of-age story that is a wild ride through the rapids of one woman’s hyper-aware consciousness. Whether navigating the depths of the hypothetical, or the heights of the real, or overcome with the paralysis […]

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Cinematic Taxi

Corrado Paina ISBN 978-1-77126-065-7 $17.00 CDN/USA 64 pages In Cinematic Taxi, Corrado Paina revisits the poems of Hoarse Legend, first published in 2000. Those poems were an incisive critique of language and race that explored the themes of multicultural city life and personal and social identity. Now in Cinematic Taxi, Paina has returned with a simultaneous […]

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Shouting Your Name Down The Well: Tankas and Haiku

David W. McFadden ISBN 978-1-77126-041-1 $20.00 CDN/USA 168 pages David W. McFadden is Genmai, prolific writer of haiku and tankas. He has been exploring these Japanese forms for six decades, and Shouting Your Name Down The Well is the first full-length collection of this work. The 500 or so poems in this lively volume comprise […]

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