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Cinematic Taxi

Corrado Paina ISBN 978-1-77126-065-7 $17.00 CDN/USA 64 pages In Cinematic Taxi, Corrado Paina revisits the poems of Hoarse Legend, first published in 2000. Those poems were an incisive critique of language and race that explored the themes of multicultural city life and personal and social identity. Now in Cinematic Taxi, Paina has returned with a simultaneous […]

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Shouting Your Name Down The Well: Tankas and Haiku

David W. McFadden ISBN 978-1-77126-041-1 $20.00 CDN/USA 168 pages David W. McFadden is Genmai, prolific writer of haiku and tankas. He has been exploring these Japanese forms for six decades, and Shouting Your Name Down The Well is the first full-length collection of this work. The 500 or so poems in this lively volume comprise […]

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Dani Couture ISBN 978-1-77126-037-4 $17.00 CDN/USA 64 pages       YAW marks a sharp departure in tone and structure from Dani Couture’s previous two acclaimed poetry collections. An almost singular narrative runs through these quiet, powerful poems, a narrative that seeks to examine how far we must go to answer the questions closest to us, […]

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Moon Baboon Canoe

Gary Barwin ISBN 978-1-77126-033-6 $17.00 CDN/USA 88 pages A follow-up to his acclaimed The Porcupinity of the Stars, Moon Baboon Canoe is filled with Gary Barwin’s trademark humour, invention, musicality and craft. These witty and surprising poems confront subjects as diverse as time machines, elves, hummingbirds, birth and cows, yet manage to explore the perennial […]

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Buon Appetito Toronto! The impact of Italian food on the city

Ed. Deborah Verginella ISBN 978-1-77126-032-9 $30.00 CDN/USA 240 pages Ships April 9, 2014 Buon Appetito Toronto! is the story of how Italian-Canadian food culture has evolved in the city and how its influence has helped define our perceptions of what constitutes a good meal. From the convivial social dynamics of the Italian table, to the quest for […]

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Our Days In Vaudeville

Stuart Ross and 29 Collaborators ISBN 978-1-77126-024-4 $17.00 CDN/USA 112 pages In this book—the first of its kind by a Canadian poet—Stuart Ross takes the stage in the vaudeville act that is collaborative poetry, with writers from across the country. Collaboration allows Ross to be part of poems—and the kinds of poems—he would never write […]

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Complete Surprising Fragments of Improbable Books

Stephen Brockwell ISBN 978-1-77126-012-1 $17.00 CDN/USA 104 pages Ottawa poet Stephen Brockwell has stumbled upon a vault of startling—and non-existent—volumes of outrageous poetry. This compendium of verse, Brockwell’s fifth full-length collection, draws from this imaginary motherlode, showcasing the poet at his most incisive, most harrowing, most political, and funniest. Here you’ll find unhinged narrative poems […]

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What The World Said

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Jason Camlot ISBN 978-1-77126-016-9 $17.00 CDN/USA 112 pages Jason Camlot’s fourth full poetry collection, a Kaddish for the post-google age, explores the meaning of ignorance in the face of death—ignorance of how to practice sadness and rituals of mourning, and of how properly to experience longing and loss. Camlot manipulates a wide range of forms […]

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Monkey Soap

Glen Downie ISBN 978-1-77126-028-2 $17.00 CDN/USA 80 pages A sculptor, someone said, carves an elephant from a block of stone by chipping away everything that doesn’t look like an elephant. So in Monkey Soap, Glen Downie wields a poet’s incisive chisel to reveal poems hidden in other people’s prose. Not only a sculptor of language, […]

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Dear Leaves, I Miss You All

Sara Heinonen ISBN 978-1-77126-020-6 $20.00 CDN/US184 pp A workaholic sees the natural world with new eyes when her former colleague succumbs to a botanical affliction. Three teenagers try to sort out their friendships and their looming adulthood while their parents behave like teenagers. A Chinese immigrant struggles to accept his daughter’s developing sexuality as he […]

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